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Game Console Repairs

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Xbox 360

•  Problems

•  Drive issues: Eg; Drive tray sticking, Drive not recognising disc etc..

•  Laser modules

•  Xbox Repair Price

•  $50 + Parts (most drives can be repaired with no parts)

•  Laser modules - $40

•  Entire drive replacement $50-$110

•  RROD (Red Ring Of Death), or any variation of flashing Red lights)

•  RROD service from $79

•  We can fix botched repairs.


•  Drive's flashed (firmware):

Phat $50 (additional updates if we flashed it originally for 25$ includes full console update service if needed eg; new XBL dashboard if needed eg; new XBL dashboard)

Slims from $50.

JTAG : For all JTAG'able consoles (Phat's on dashes 7371 or earlier) $99

RGH mod (Reset Glitch Mod) $99 + Cost of chip (usually around $29-$59 depending on which you choose) Some non-HDMI (early Phat) consoles may not be worth doing at this stage and may incur a further cost. If the dash is very new (eg the console has been online recently since 10/2/2012) and it has 14717 or later then it may cost a little more for the chip. Also the very newest Slim consoles (Corona) will also require the newer chips. Coronas can usually be identified by their power-supply that is marked 9.6A (amps) whereas the slightly older slims (Trinity model) say 9.86A (amps)

Rapid-Fire controller mods:

We have our own line of customised rapidfire controllers and rapidfire controller mods. We invented Jitter-code, COD-Stealth and conceptualised drop-shot and quick-skope code. Our original 3 and 5 mode code was released publically around 3 years ago, and has been copied, used and bastardised very much since then. We originally released it with the DIY scene in-mind not expecting that so many people would commercialise it. So this time we are keeping our new series a little closer to our chest. Our new controllers are called UltraSkope and have many new features. The baseline version has Rapid-Fire and one special-option. The pro version has up to 4 special options.

We can install the baseline in an existing controller for $80. Our new code is the best! We can also customise controllers based on your needs (ie; What games you play) but our new models come with a new type of code that will give it longevity across many games as it (for want of a better term) adapts to different games.


We do all customisations (Fans, Lights Heatsinks, cut-outs, voltage mods) you name it POI. We also have many unique and specialised options for Xbox 360 cooling and lighting, we are the best people for doing concept jobs.


PlayStation 3 (PS3) (Please note: All current Sony products incur a $40 opening-fee ONLY if no work is carried-out due to the time-consuming nature of this task)


YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) or flashing red light (or on turning-on, light goes: Green, yellow the flashes Red and won't turn on) $99 (YLOD service)

Drive (BlueRay) Repairs from $49.

Other repairs are done on a case by case basis.


Custom Firmware install not needing hardware downgrade: $49

Hardware Downgrade with custom firmware from $99


We do all customisations (Fans, Lights Heatsinks, cut-outs, voltage mods) you name it POI


PlayStation personal (PSP)


Almost all repairs $60 except Screen replacement ($50 + Cost of screen) We keep some stock, but there may be a small wait sometimes.










Softmods: 30$

Othermods: POI




Other consoles eg; Xbox1,PS2





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