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    Please include your user name & password on a note included with the device, or alternatively contact us and provide it over the phone. Do not submit it through this form.

    1. Computer World Centre (CWC) provides an independent repair service. Repairs may void the original manufacturer's warranty.
    2. The repair of your goods may result in the loss of any user-generated data. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain or back up data prior to submitting the goods for repair. Infelmation, including software, contacts, pictures and music, may be lost during repair. Any data lost or corruption is not the responsibility of "CWC". If data needs to be maintained or backed up, the customer must inform CWC upon checking in for repair. If not specified, files in "My Documents", "My Music", "My Pictures", "My Videos" will be backed up. CWC provides data backup and data recovery service fee from $85.
    3. All items will be tested, and a quotation provided by call/text or text. If the quotation is rejected/not fixable, a $59 quotation/labour fee will apply.
    4. Some repairs may incur an extended quotation/labour fee starting from $99, as these goods require some level of extended diagnosis/repair in order to provide a quote. This includes but is not limited to mainboard repair, liquid damage, gaming laptops, touch screen devices etc.
    5. After repairs, we may discover further issues which were not be detected. In that case there would be additional repair costs and a revised quotation will be provided. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by new or refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired without notice.
    6. CWC provides a fast and reliable service but repair may take 1-4 weeks or more in turnaround. If you require express service, 25% express service loading fee applies. The repair maybe delayed by any reason without notice, and CWC do not take any responsibility for delays in repair.
    7. HDD/Liquid damage repair costs cannot always be predicted during submission, repair costs will be finalized on completion of repair.
    8. Warranty on most repairs is provided for 90 days from the date of collection of goods. Liquid damage or GPU repairs will be supplied with a 30 day warranty. If a third party has previously attempted to repair, warranty will be limited to 7 days. No warranty for software repairs. If extra parts required, it must be paid by customer.
    9. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on any parts used in the repair as well as any possible damages incurred during repair.
    10. The warranty does NOT cover any software issues, including operating system, driver installation, compatibility, virus infection or internet related problems. The warranty does not cover physical damage caused to the goods or repair parts by the customer, including, but not limited to liquid and shock damage. The warranty coverage is limited to only the components repaired and/or supplied by CWC. Rectifying errors resulting from incorrect handling by customers will incur a change of $85 per hour.
    11. Submitting goods to CWC for repair will transfer ownership of said goods to CWC. Ownership of such goods will be transferred back to the customer once all outstanding debts are paid in full. If debts are not paid in full in a timely manner, CWC may sell or transfer the goods to a third party in order to recover any outstanding debts owed. There will be late payment fee $15 if any payment is overdue.
    12. CWC carries out repairs at the customers request; CWC does not take responsibility for repairing any unreported faults.
    13. If, after thorough testing, the indicted fault cannot be found, a "No Fault Found Fee" of $85 applies.
    14. Some jobs vary greatly on a case by case basis and will be billed at an hourly rate of $85. This may include quote or repair jobs for which the total amount of time required cannot be foreseen or which exceed the normal amount of time expected.
    15. CWC will not be held liable if further damage is incurred to the goods during the repair. If CWC damages goods in error, then we will rectify or replace said goods. However the determination of error is reserved by CWC. Furthermore, any replacement of goods or parts will be sourced and chosen by CWC.
    16. Customer must collect the goods within 42 days of being informed they are ready for collection. After 42 days, goods will be disposed of in accordance with the Unclaimed Goods Act 1987.


    We will call or email you to acknowledge that we have received the submission and to confirm the collection of your goods.
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